The Experts in Buyback of Electronic Devices


Alegre Pty Ltd is all about making the most of our planets resources and keeping usable electronic items in use and out of refill. It's about offering a full life cycle solution to your customers for those dynamic gadgets that change for the better year in and year out.

We realise that a lot of the people who run out and upgrade to the latest and greatest tech gadget are often too busy to find a new home for last year's toys. Through partnership arrangements with our retailers, our objective is to make it as compelling as possible for your customers to trade in their old devices, and keep those gadgets moving.

Our extensive quality assurance process guarantees all devices we receive at our facility are fully wiped of all previous data and restored to original factory settings. At Alegre Pty Ltd, we provide assurance via certification that all data has been destroyed in accordance with the highest industry standards such as a seven-pass wipe of computer hrd drives according to the US Department of Defense Standard 5220.22-M Data Sanitization method.

Our policy towards recovered devices is to find new homes for usable products and identify components of damaged items that are still in demand. All devices that have become obsolete are responsibly recycled back into usable materials, keeping harmful waste out of landfill and keeping toxic chemicals away from ground water sources. To achieve this goal, we have carefully selected recycle partners that are approved under the Product Stewardship Act of 2011, that are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified and adhere to practices endorsed under the Basel Convention.